Individualized Learning & Instruction

Freedom to Express Understanding

Many students have different learning styles. Some read assignments and take tests well, while others might be better visual learners. Some might still learn best when they are hands on or by doing. Our research shows that assignments tailored to each student’s preferred learning style can increase assignment grade averages by 11 percent. One of the unique benefits of Insight’s curriculum is our Individualized Assignment options. This is an important advantage that Insight offers over traditional high school and other online programs.

Individualized Assignments

Many courses incorporate Individualized Assignment options to make the process of learning more engaging and successful. To better understand Individualized Assignments, take a look at several student examples below.

Here, three students were given the option to demonstrate their understanding of weather and climate concepts in their own way given the following assignment:

  • Identify factors that affect weather and climate
  • Explain the major processes of the hydrologic cycle
  • Describe the physical features of Earth’s major biomes

One student demonstrated content mastery with a PowerPoint presentation:

Hydrolic PPT slide

This PowerPoint presentation captures climate facts and ideas in a linear format and bolsters document preparation skills.

Another student created a weather video:

weather video slide

Presenting a weather forecast on a make-believe weather channel can demonstrate concept comprehension and build speaking capabilities.

While a third student created a crossword puzzle:

crossword puzzle slide

Here a climate crossword puzzle was used to reinforce key concepts and draw connections between factors that influence the climate.

iAchieve Learning Program

To augment student performance, Insight has developed the iAchieve program. Students work directly with an iAchieve Advisor who supports each students individualized learning plan that is built around skill level, learning styles and goals. These individualized learning plans ensure students are taking courses that are relevant and appropriate, and serve as a roadmap for success.

Student Assessment and Testing

Insight also offers individualized assessments and testing for students to help place them in the right courses. This information is also provided to our teachers and counselors to help measure student progress and make educated recommendations in academic and career planning.

These are just a few examples of how many courses at Insight support individual learning styles and help students express concepts in different ways.

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